Home Staging Studio

  • knows what buyers want by keeping up to date with the latest design trends
  • can recommend reliable, affordable artisans and contractors
  • knows what properties are available for sale in your area and how your property stacks up against the competition in its price range
  • keeps up to date with current conditions in the property market and economic trends impacting thereon.

The stager, by suggesting inexpensive upgrades that make a big difference to a property’s saleability, will also ensure that the seller does not spend more than absolutely necessary to get the property sold.

Our Services:


A face-to-face consultation between the seller and the stager charged on an hourly basis. The stager tours the property with the seller and makes verbal recommendations regarding what changes and updating will be required to prepare the property for sale and have the broadest possible appeal to the target market.

Recommendation Report

Following the verbal consultation, the seller may select to have a comprehensive written report which details in order of priority room by room recommendations necessary to stage the property to sell. The recommendation report is charged at a fixed rate depending on the size of the property. The seller may decide to do the work him or herself or may hire Home Staging Studio to implement all or part of the plan on a turn-key basis.

Staging Implementation

The entire staging process can be undertaken by Home Staging Studio on behalf of the seller. The pricing of implementing the Recommendation Report is based on the size of the property and the amount of work involved and is determined on a case by case basis in consultation with the seller.

Inventory Rental

Inventory rental packages including furniture and accessories are available for monthly rental to stage vacant properties. Inventory packages include furniture and decorative accessories that are light, bright and modern that will appeal to the average discerning buyer. The home staging process is quick and painless for a seller of a vacant property, and depending on size can take as little as two days.

Inventory rental options for decorative accessories to supplement the seller’s own furnishings are also available.

Home Staging


Home Staging

Home Staging